What does the future hold for CBD? Well, let’s hold up a minute. The public, the law, and culture are only just now coming to terms with those benefits of CBD that are already well known. CBD has truly taken the world by storm in recent years, being shown to help with all manner of health conditions.

We are also seeing the repeal of many laws against CBD, which previously made it illegal. This is not only because of the great many benefits of CBD and the many different CBD products out there, but also because of a gradual disassociation of CBD from marijuana and the stoner culture. It is simply becoming clear that CBD can do so much more.

Therefore, it’s hard to imagine CBD’s future when its present is so exciting! Nevertheless, CBD undoubtedly has a future, and an exciting one at that. Many of the obvious benefits (supported by mountains of anecdotal evidence) offered by products such as CBD drops, CBD gummies, and CBD oil are still awaiting real research to make the benefits conclusive.

Furthermore, CBD is not yet legal absolutely everywhere. CBD suppliers Yammy CBD say that the future of CBD therefore most likely involves further advancements in these areas, more acceptance for CBD, and many more new CBD products yet to come out.

However, these are all distinct areas of development in the story of CBD, and we’re sure to see many different breakthroughs within each one. That’s the immediate future, at any rate. Beyond that, it seems likely that there are even more exciting breakthroughs to come.

Finally, there is also the question of new CBD technologies, which will see advances in how CBD is administered – or even designed.

New Face of CBD

So, what are these advancements we can expect? Well, many haven’t been developed yet (obviously), but here follows some dispatches from the frontline of CBD development:

CBD Itself

New Strains

Breakthroughs in the genetic breeding of CBD plants is likely to lead to more control of CBD content and much easier methods of sourcing it in significant quantities. There have been several breakthroughs when it comes to new strains of cannabis plants that can produce higher quantities of CBD.

Genetically Specific CBD

Another breakthrough results in the precise construction of the CBD compound itself. It is well-known that genetics play a big role in how you react to CBD, and in the future it might be possible to source CBD that has been specifically engineered for your own genetics.

CBD Administration Technology


CBD is currently consumed by either inhaling it, applying a topical lotion, or by consuming it orally. In the future though, it could be possible for nano-technology to increase the bioavailability of CBD after it has been consumed, meaning more control over how the body absorbs the substance.

New Devices for Consumption

We have all heard of CBD vapes, oils, and lotions. But this isn’t the only way CBD can be consumed, and it seems likely that new CBD technologies for ingesting the substance will be developed.


One thing that’s entirely certain with CBD is that we’ll see a further advancement of its legality as associations with stoner culture get further and further away. New strains of the cannabis plant can also be bred which contain no THC; it’s hard to see why such plants – with no potential to be used for recreational highs – should be illegal. This will only boost the advancement of CBD’s legality.

Whatever way you look at it – or whatever particular area of development you focus on – it seems almost certain that CBD has bright future.