Medical marijuana for epilepsy has a lot of promise in trials. Marijuana for epilepsy as an effective treatment have been studied over a series of research papers. Traditional medications for epilepsy have a host of severe side effects whereas using medical cannabis can be a suitable treatment option that comes with very little downside. Epilepsy temporarily changes the way the brain functions. As epilepsy can change the speed at which neurons fire, this can cause the body to go into a seizure. An epileptic seizure often results in involuntary movement, distorted perceptions and blackouts.

People with epilepsy often have to manage their condition with the use of ongoing medication but a new medication that contains medical marijuana has been approved for use to treat epilepsy. Marijuana is an effective treatment for epilepsy because it can affect receptors in the brain that control seizure responses. Cannabinoid receptors can be affected by CBD which can result in fewer seizures without producing the same psychoactive effects of THC heavy strains of marijuana.

Research into epilepsy and medical marijuana has shown that it is responsible for reducing seizures. Cannabis-based drugs like Epidiolex have been shown to be just as effective as existing medications but with far less side effects for patients experiencing epilepsy. The results of this medication are effective in nearly 37% of patients and many patients that switched over to this medication were able to enjoy a seizure free lifestyle. The only small side effects that occur from continuous use of drugs like Epidiolex are drowsiness, fatigue and initial diarrhoea.

As the use of medical marijuana for epilepsy becomes more widespread, it will be interesting to see the differences that these products can make in the future of epileptic patients. We know that there are strains which are particularly helpful for improving these symptoms like charlotte’s web, but there are likely to be other revolutionary products created to help fight epilepsy as more restrictions are lifted as well.

If you or a loved one has epilepsy, you may want to consider speaking to a doctor regarding the use of medical marijuana to manage the symptoms!

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