In these times of recession many people have baulked at the price of gym membership and instead are looking for more cost effective ways to workout. The idea of passes is not a new one, but it is one that is taking off faster than most people could have imagined. Websites such as the quickly growing are making it so simple for people to find gym pass gyms and pay for as much or as little as they wish. Gym passes for one day, one month or three months are all on offer at a wide variety of gyms across the country, making it easy to pick and choose which place you visit, and when you want to go. For people on the move a lot this way of visiting a gym makes life far easier, and for those who want to try out a variety of centres before they settle on their preferred gym it gives them the best of both worlds. With some huge names asking huge amounts for membership, now is the time when lesser known gyms are coming into their own and offering something a little bit different, with a more personal service, better offers and the flexibility of passes.

Gym pass gyms are fast becoming the customers preferred choice as it doesn’t tie them into an expensive contract and puts the ball in their court in terms of when and how they exercise. A gym pass is cheaper than forking out for membership and can be used as and when you wish. You can try a variety of facilities, ask members of staff about which workouts best suit you and get a feel for the gyms before you decide where suits you best and the sort of exercises you want to be doing. Exercise shouldn’t be just for the privileged, it should be for everybody and this philosophy is even stronger thanks to the huge success and popularity of the London 2012 Olympics. A gym pass offers an affordable way for everyone to enjoy exercise just as they should, without excluding people on lower incomes. If you are interested in finding a range of gym pass gyms which offer a variety of facilities, it couldn’t be easier.