A key metric for a suitable pre-workout routine is alignment with the athlete’s goals. It is necessary to study each component of the complex. To improve strength performance, creatine should be included. Beta Alanine is suitable for those who need to get stronger. To improve mood and concentration, caffeine, taurine, geranium extract, DMAE, L-theanine, and others are suitable.

Flavor and texture are also important. Many manufacturers make them tasteless to avoid unauthorized dosage increases. The taste should be normal and the powder should be completely dissolved. It is better to buy a pre-workout complex in online store or when visiting the capital.

The general effect of pre-workout complexes on the body

The reception of these complexes serves one purpose – to squeeze the maximum out of your body during training, without harming it. It is this effect that stimulants of dopamine and adrenaline cause. The increased production of these hormones has a positive effect on the performance of the athlete. It doesn’t matter what the person’s goal is: to lose extra pounds or prepare for a competition. Neither one nor the other is impossible without hard intense training. Therefore, pre-workout complexes are so popular.

They allow you to increase the intensity and duration of your workout. Besides these effects, they have other beneficial properties:

  • The minerals and vitamins included in the composition strengthen the immune system. The body becomes less susceptible to stress, seasonal diseases
  • Oxygen saturation improves general blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels
  • Substances that stimulate the brain (caffeine and taurine) affect stress resistance, attention, concentration
  • Pre-workouts allow you to more effectively train the heart muscle, which will improve the general condition of the body
  • Taking these complexes allows the body to quickly adapt to more serious stress.

There are many types, such as decaf pre-workout

Pre-workout is an important part of sports nutrition during intense workouts. They perform a whole range of functions that help the body quickly adapt to stress, overcome the effects of the “plateau”. They are suitable both during the phases of weight gain and “drying”. For those who are losing weight, they will help activate the effects of fat burning, maintain a high level of motivation. The most important thing is to adhere to the dosage and choose the Xpedite complex for the necessary purposes.