When the inflammation caused by the oxidative damage, then it means that the cell got damage and vitamin C helps in repairing each and every cell. There are many of the diseases that can be overcome by having vitamin C is abundant. People get panic when suffering from flu or cold and runs to the doctor, or just have medicines on their doorstep with the help of online medical stores.

Canadian Pharmacy Online helps you in every emergency when you can’t even think of getting out for buying medicines. Nowadays vitamin c tablets are also available in the market or you can have at your home by picking online pharmacy.

There are many of the myths related to flu and cold. People think that having vitamin C in cold or flu can cure it but it’s not exactly proved as. Taking vitamin C as the supplement in cold or flu makes you stronger to fight against the symptoms. When you take vitamin c with diet then you can recover in fewer days otherwise you will take time to get rid of cold and flu-like health issues.

Smokers when smoke they don’t know that their body’s vitamin C is consumed to maintain the optimal health so it is more important for them to take vitamin C in their diet or as a supplement. They must take at least 250 mg per day.

The question arises that from where vitamin C does can be taken. Top vitamin C sources are fruits and veggies. In vegetable, you can have sweet potatoes, tomatoes, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, and cauliflower. Fruits that contain vitamin C are kiwi, avocado, mango, pineapple, strawberries, grapefruit, papaya and guava.

In many of the diseases, vitamin c helps to deal in a good way.

  • Diabetes– Insulin is responsible for pushing the vitamin C to the cells to perform their work but diabetic patients don’t produce much insulin. When the low circulating vitamin C combines with low insulin then there are more chances of free radical damage to diabetic patients.
  • Eyes– Cataract is the problem that can be overcome by having vitamin c. poor intake of vitamin C can cause cataract and next to more exposure to the sun.
  • Asthma– In asthma patient has inflammation in lungs and airways, vitamin C helps in reducing the inflammation. It also helps in preventing and healing asthma symptoms.
  • Cardiovascular Health– Free radical damage in the walls of the cells of arteries that leave them to form plague that is caused by cholesterol and fatty acids. Vitamin C helps in preventing plague and also reduces it when it is already formed.
  • Cancer– vitamin c is very much helpful in removing the free radical before it causes any damage. It is essential for treating all types of cancer.

If you think that vitamin C is produced by the body so it’s wrong, we must put it in the form of diet to maintain the optimal health and to fight against many fatal diseases.