A labiaplasty is a surgery that’s done to change the labia on a woman. This procedure is actually pretty common and has quite a few benefits. It has a relatively easy healing process and the surgery isn’t that risky at all. If you want to know the benefits of getting a labiaplasty procedure, then continue reading!

Improve Labia Appearance

For starters, a labiaplasty can improve the appearance of the labia. There are so many women who hate the way their labia look, and they feel helpless because they don’t think they can do anything about it. This procedure can help you get the labia you’ve always wanted without having to go through too much. A good plastic surgeon can make it so it doesn’t even look like you had surgery and you can keep it to yourself if you want because it doesn’t put anyone in any kind of harm!

Eliminate Various Discomforts

When a woman has large labia, they can experience quite a bit of discomfort. This can also happen in many different situations, such as: sexual intercourse, exercise and simply working. Having this surgery can reduce the size of the labia and make it so your clothing doesn’t rub up against it. This can also help eliminate rashes and soreness that comes from the rubbing. Once the surgery is done and you’re healed, you should feel much better!

Decrease in Infections

A labiaplasty can also cause a decrease in infections. Since the labia is bigger than normal and is always rubbing on clothing, there’s an increase of infections. In fact, one of the biggest infections that women with bigger labia complain about is recurring UTIs. Not only are these extremely painful, but they’re also pretty embarrassing. Keep in mind, a labiaplasty won’t make it so you are completely immune from these infections, but it can help decrease the chances of you getting them or decrease the frequency of them.

Enhanced Sexual Pleasure

Bigger labia can cause quite a bit of discomfort when having sexual intercourse, so getting the size reduced can actually increase pleasure from this activity. After you’re all healed up, sex might actually feel completely different. This is especially true for those women who have had bigger labia their whole lives and haven’t ever experienced sex any other way. They might have hated sex before the surgery but might end up really loving and enjoying it after the surgery.

Increased Self Confidence

With women being judged in so many ways, having a larger labium can really make them have a low amount of self-confidence. Getting the surgery can make them feel better about themselves and not have to be nervous or scared to be with their partners.

As you can see, these benefits are huge. Not only can it physically help a woman, but it can also help them mentally and emotionally. When getting this procedure, you want to make sure you find a fantastic plastic surgeon, but it’s a pretty common procedure so you shouldn’t have to worry too much!