Picture this: You’re cuddling on the couch with your sweetheart, and things are getting more animated. You feel sexually aroused and totally into it. The only thing is, the rest of you doesn’t seem to be as into it.

How frustrated are you at this moment? It’s the perfect opportunity to get intimate with your partner, yet physically, your body isn’t meshing with what your mind wants.

Struggles with ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects millions of men every year, yet sadly, there is still a stigma around this extremely common condition.

If you have ever struggled to achieve or maintain an erection in the past, you may be looking for something that can help you avoid this frustrating problem in the future.

What is BlueChew and what does it have to do with ED? BlueChew is a service that was built for men just like you. In fact, you’ve probably heard of it before. But you may still be wondering: “Is BlueChew Legit?”

Up ahead, we’ll answer this question and several others related to the BlueChew service, which has already helped so many men achieve more confidence in the bedroom and a sex life they’ve always dreamed of having.

What Is BlueChew?

So what is BlueChew? BlueChew is an online service for men who struggle with ED. BlueChew is about boosting your confidence, increasing your self-esteem, and most of all, having fun.

There’s no shame in struggling to achieve or maintain an erection in the bedroom, but we all understand that it can certainly hinder your sex life and your intimate interactions overall. Often, the men who benefit most from BlueChew services want to improve their relationship with their partner, and these chewable tablets are the ideal way to do this.

Is BlueChew Legit?

Many ask is BlueChew legit? In short, yes. BlueChew is a legitimate online service that connects males who struggle with ED and confidence issues in the bedroom with licensed medical professionals and chewable tablets that can help improve ED issues.

Does BlueChew work? It relies on trusted medical research. BlueChew’s tablets include two active ingredients that are also found in the most popular ED medications — those like Viagra and Cialis. These ingredients are called Tadalafil (found in Cialis) and Sildenafil (found in Viagra).

It’s important to note that BlueChew’s tablets are not generic versions of these medications. Instead, the tablets are the chewable form of a combination of these two ingredients. This makes it far easier to consume for many men who struggle to swallow pills of any size, and you can choose different dosage options depending on your individual needs.

Who Should Use BlueChew?

The BlueChew service can be used by any male, 18 or older, in the United States. BlueChew’s tablets are manufactured in the United States and only available here in the USA. You must be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction by a licensed medical provider in order to receive a prescription for BlueChew’s tablets. BlueChew can help connect you.

Have signs of ED but aren’t sure if you would be diagnosed? Here are some of the most common symptoms you may have struggled with if you have ED:

  • Not being able to achieve a strong erection when you desire (when you are sexually aroused)
  • Not being able to achieve an erection at all
  • Achieving a strong erection sometimes, but not always
  • Achieving an erection when you are sexually aroused but not achieving one strong enough for optimal sexual pleasure
  • Achieving an erection when you are sexually aroused but not being able to maintain it long enough for optimal sexual pleasure

ED can be a marker of many other health conditions. In some individuals, conditions such as diabetes or heart disease may be linked to ED. Certain medications may also inhibit a man’s ability to perform sexually. Finally, for some men, it’s more of a mental issue that can be linked with depression, excess anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, fear, or guilt.

Ready to Try BlueChew?

When you’re ready to give BlueChew a try, simply head to the website and make an account. How does BlueChew work? A licensed medical professional will get in touch through a telemedicine appointment with you to discuss your symptoms, and as long as you qualify, you will be able to receive your prescription for BlueChew’s tablets almost immediately. Your prescription will arrive discreetly in the mail, which means no visits to your doctor’s office and no need to pick up your prescription at the pharmacy.

Lose the stress and start increasing your confidence in the bedroom today with BlueChew!