Surprisingly, not all of us has made a trip to their local chiropractor. Some of us have a tendency to suffer through back strains, aches on our sides and creaky bones. Some people have a different perception of a chiropractor than the next person. The flat-out truth is that there are a number of people who don’t understand what a chiropractor does. If you are experiencing pain and your primary care physician sends you to a chiropractor there are some things you should know. However, if you are seeking a chiropractor for personal use to release some strains and crack a stiff back, then it could be the best choice you could have ever made. Here’s what to know about a chiropractor.


This is probably one of the most misunderstandings a lot of people have about chiropractors. First and foremost, they do not prescribe medication. Some doctors and stated because they cannot do this, it does allow them to think outside the box and try new treatments. We live in a world where many people would rather take a pill and simply change their lifestyle habits and behaviors. Here’s what a chiropractor does offer:

Soft tissue therapy – This is a great opportunity where you can relax tight muscles, release built-up tension and get rid of spasms and your muscles.
Adjustments – This is the practice of gently realigning joints to increase your motion and range.
Joint bracing – This will help with supported sprained mussels and joints allowing them to heel appropriately.
Stretches and exercises – Helps to regain all of your motion and mobility.
Integrated medical expert referral – This could be a short guide on a nutrition and diet to decrease inflammation and help with weight loss.

Back and Neck 

Chiropractors are not here to only treat your neck and back. They treat pain anywhere around your body. People experience pain sometimes in shoulders, jaws and head, elbows, pelvis and hips, and their ankles and knees. A chiropractor takes into account your entire musculoskeletal system. Their goal is to target the root of the problem and help get rid of it or soothe it in some kind of needed way. Here are some complementary services:

Shoulder Pain 

When this type of pain shows up in an MRI, a chiropractor can help with assessing the muscles around the shoulder blade. They may also take the time to inspect the ribs which could be restricted and preventing your shoulder from moving around properly.

Plantar Fasciitis

You’ll find that a lot of podiatrists often recommend massage therapy mon city pa or in nearby areas for help when it comes to foot pain. Chiropractors ensure that your joints in your foot remain mobile and work on them in an upward motion to determine if there are any other problems.


This is a very common problem among the thousands of people dealing with daily stress. When most may not know is that migraines and headaches are caused by tension in our jaws. A chiropractor can relieve jaw tension to help increase our blood flow and eventually get rid of headaches.