As told by our grandmothers, there is a home hack that they all swear by. You must think of it as absurd, but they aren’t wrong when they say or do that. Turns out, putting oil on the navel regularly leaves some severe impact on our health and beauty. Evidently, Ayurveda testifies this facet.

Navel oiling is an age-old therapy whereby we massage a natural oil on our belly button. Ancestors perceived, once a gateway to the life-sustaining umbilical cord, the navel is a center of balance in adulthood. This part of our body is connected to every organ through multiple veins.

Similarly, essential oils are exceptionally potent and can administer a lot of health benefits. You can apply these fragrances to any part of your body. However, their effect seems to double up when applied to the navel. Here’re the top seven jaw-dropping benefits you can reap by using essential oils on your belly button.

Mitigates Stomach Issues

This application can help reduce abdominal pain and improve your stomach health. Topically using these oils on your navel can prevent food poisoning, indigestion, and diarrhea. It is also a great way to treat bloating and nausea. Some common essences to try for such woes are ginger and peppermint.

Removes Dirt

Just like any other part of your body, the navel too needs pampering and care. It also should be cleaned regularly. Natural oils like grape seeds, sunflower, and jojoba are beneficial for this purpose. They are light and can wipe clean your pretty belly button with ease and effectively. It’s effortless. Just put a few drops on a cotton piece and gently clean the concerned area.

Prevents Infection

We often forget to clean our navel properly while bathing; thus, it becomes home to fungi and bacteria. A dirty belly button is, therefore, prone to several infections. Be at ease. Because, with the right oil, you can clean the area and prevent the emergence of unwanted infections. Tea tree oil contains superb antifungal and antibacterial properties; so, you can go with that. Or else, mustard oil is always there to fight against bacteria. Saying that essential oils cure infections will be wrong because that differs from person to person. One might experience the recovery, while many others might not even see meagre changes.

Moisturizes Skin

Traditionally, people used to massage their belly button with natural oils to keep their skin moisturized. Rivetingly, that trend still exists and is thriving.

Allays Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps can be as deadly as heartaches or chronic stone pains. This fact needs to be out so that it is given the required attention. Women suffer this unbearable pain every month and still have to avoid medications. That’s when their granny’s home remedy kicks in. Applying essential oils like peppermint, ginger, sage, cypress, etc., provides quick relief from the pain.  But make sure you use them by diluting in a carrier oil like sweet almond or coconut.

May Improve Fertility

Nobody confirms this fact but still tries it because that doesn’t hurt at least, right? The navel is associated with fertility as it links a mother to the child. Some ancient people believed that applying essential oils to the belly button can help improve fertility in both men and women. This way, one can trigger the hormones regulation and the chances of conceiving. Juniper, clary sage, guava leaf, and damiana, among many others, are best for this purpose.

Balances the Navel Chakra

Last but not least, in Ayurveda, the navel is construed as home to our imagination, dreams, and aims. And for that, we ought to balance our navel chakras. Grape seed, rosewood, or sandalwood oil are believed to work best in this case as per Ayurveda.

Quality matters as these essences are highly concentrated. Therefore, trust Young Living for pure-grade and reliable essential oils. Though, never use them directly as that might harm your skin. Instead, dilute them in carrier oils and then spritz, massage, or tab with a cotton pad on your belly button.