Dilaudid when mixed with alcohol, the wellbeing and the possibilities addictions are intensified. It has acetaminophen that works to enhance the pain-relieving power of the oxycodone in Dilaudid. This treatment is a central nervous system depressant. It slows down physical functions and has a soothing and tranquilizing effect on users.

Dilaudid is given to ease the pain in a patient who undergoes surgery or a traumatic injury. Sad to say, people, get dependent on this drug and start to take it recreationally. Mixing Dilaudid with alcohol is risky as alcohol is also a depressant. The mixture of the Dilaudid and alcohol in your system can be lethal.

Combining Dilaudid with alcohol will strengthen the sense of calm obtained by either substance alone. Alcohol delays the function of your respiratory system, and the cardiovascular system as well. When drinking, you will feel drowsy and tired. Dilaudid has a similar effect, so if the two substances are taken together, they have extreme effects. You will surely enjoy the dream-like feeling and the relaxation of taking Dilaudid with alcohol. But the risk is in the dosage.

Slow breathing is the dangerous effects of taking Dilaudid and alcohol together. When the two is present in your body, they work as one to slow your breathing even to the point of stopping. Taking these substances together can lead to drowsiness, dizziness as well as loss of motor control. This makes driving extremely risky. They might result in odd behavior and memory issues. You may feel light-headed, and you might find it hard to focus. This can also result in loss of your consciousness or total blackout of your memory. Mixing Dilaudid with alcohol, regardless of the dosage, is highly prohibited.

What is more about these medical issues, those who take Dilaudid and alcohol together can lead to hepatoxicity. This condition refers to the poisoning of your liver by harmful substances. Acute liver damage also known as alcohol-acetaminophen syndrome can happen from combing Dilaudid and alcohol. When the alcohol-acetaminophen condition isn’t treated right away, it can result in the failure of your liver or worse dead.

Effective Cure for Dilaudid and Alcohol

You might be reading this as someone who is accustomed to the possible threats of alcohol and Dilaudid use and is interested in finding help. Or, you might just know someone who is struggling with alcohol and Dilaudid addiction, and you are thinking how you can get them the assistance they need. In spite of your involvement with this drug, calling an addiction expert is the first and most crucial step in recovery and renewal.

Alcohol and Dilaudid addiction can be hard to prevail over without the assistance of dedicated doctors, nurses, psychologists, and counselors. Look for a Dilaudid rehab center with full-service staff that is well-trained and experienced in keeping you away from the chains of drug and alcohol addiction. Help is just around the corner. Contact the nearest rehab center for more information about this service.