According to Virtual Medical Center, women usually encounter menopause between the ages of 40 to 58 years of age and the average age is around 51 years old. There are 5 percent of women who encounter getting menopause after the age of 44 years old. Early menopause also occurs in 5 percent of women aged 40 to 45 years old. There are more than 1 percent of women who end up experiencing premature menopause, which is before the age of 40 years old. Menopause occurs when women stop having their monthly periods and also when the ovaries stop producing hormones, such as estrogen. When these changes occur, it may also mean the body will no longer prepare itself for pregnancy regularly. When these changes happen, a woman can experience a significant number of symptoms that can disrupt their lifestyle. It is critical that women seek assistance from their medical physicians for hormone therapy to help reduce or eliminate the harsh symptoms of menopause.

According to ACOG, in the United States, about more than 6,000 women experience menopause for the first time in their lives every day. There are more than 55 percent of women who experience menopause end up doing nothing about their symptoms and more than 75 percent of women end up experiencing hot flashes and night sweats during their course of menopause. There are many women around the country who deal with very intense menopausal symptoms that disrupt their lifestyle. Some of the symptoms that women experience includes: hot flashes, irregular periods, night sweats, memory loss, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, fatigue, memory lapses, mood swings, panic disorder, and many more. Every woman may experience different symptoms than others. Some women experience symptoms that are so intense, their life is completely disrupted. When you experience symptoms that you are finding hard to deal with, you may want to consider getting treatment.

There are currently several options for menopause treatments. Some of the treatment options that are most effective air hormone therapy. Hormone therapy is a highly effective solution for those women dealing with menopause symptoms that affect their lives significantly. Some hormone therapy treatments can even eliminate hot flashes, disturbed sleep, mood swings and or vaginal dryness. If you feel that you can possibly benefit from hormone therapy, you can talk to your doctor today to see what options you may have. You can start by conducting an online search for: hormone therapy san diego ca. From here, you should find a list of qualified doctors offering hormone therapy in your area. Take time to call around and see what some of your options are.

Overall, it is critical to get help for your menopause symptoms. If you are finding yourself unhappy and starting to become depressed with your menopause symptoms, try talking to your doctor about hormone therapy. Many women don’t even know that they can get treatment for their symptoms of menopause, allowing them to live a more fulfilling life. Take time to think about how your life can change with hormone therapy for your menopause.