The host: ” hello,everybody, here is the latest A Date With Health. I am Changting. With increasing social pressure, male employees are suffering from health problems due to staying up too late, sitting and computing too long. Meanwhile, demonization of occupational diseases are also increasing many patients’ mental burden. So, how could we take these diseases seriously? Today we are pleased to have invited Guo jun, chief Physician from China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, to tell us basic knowledge about it. ” Does Unhealthy life-style result in occupational ailments in male staff? The host: ” according to our research, different habits result in occupational diseases and the top three factors are lack of exercise, sitting and insomnia. Is it true, Mr. Guo?” Guo jun: ” yes. Because sitting for a long time means constricting prostate, with a high risk of prostatitis. As to sleep and exercise time, though 8 hour work day is advocated, actual work time is more it. So people usually lack sleep and exercise. ” The host: “OK, you just have mentioned prostate disease and the high incidence of it, so could you tell us more about it? ” Guo jun: “prostate disease is common male diseases and can affect men of all age. It is often classified into 3 kinds- prostatitis, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer. Clinically speaking, chronic prostatitis accounts for 1/3 of all the cases.” Why are male staff at excessive danger for prostatitis? The host: ” Why are male employees at high risk for prostatitis?” Guo jun: ” this question is particularly commonplace. In my opinion, modern male employees often encounter growing work and pressure and develop detrimental habits such as drink. All these factors contribute to prostatitis. ” The host: ” which occupation is easily infected with prostate disease?” Guo jun: ” drivers may be on the first top of the list, in addition to long work time and little exercise time, they are sedentary, so does IT workers. ” The host: “many people wonder what cause it and what are symptoms in clinic? And how to cure chronic prostatitis? ” Guojun: ” psychological burden results from work and life, sitting too long with poor blood circulation are potential causes to prostatitis. Frequent and urgent urination, painful urination, abdominal pain are common symptoms. And chronic prostatitis responds better to traditional Chinese medicine than to western medicine. Here I would like to introduce herbalist Li Xiaoping and her product product Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. “