Last week my brother and I went to complete our eye exams with the optometrist. My exam came out ok, and he was prescribed a pair of glasses. I always get nervous when I’m headed to the eye doctor. I feel like there’s going to be some life altering news, and I can’t help but feel like I failed at something. Eye doctors are beneficial because they can prescribe us glasses if we need them, they can treat certain eye conditions, and perform routine eye exams.

Prescribe Us Glasses

Your eye doctor will not only prescribe you glasses but they will discuss with you what’s going on with your vision. Sometimes our vision ability does not match from one eye to the other. Don’t worry, the glasses will not ruin your good vision. The medication will only be for the eye that needs it. If you need glasses and do not wish to wear them, you can ask to be prescribed a pair of contact lenses. Glasses can be necessary for specific activities or for all things. Some people just need a little magnifier, so they purchase simple reading glasses. Others may need glasses while driving. Some people need their glasses at all times so they can see clearly.

Treat Certain Eye Conditions

Optometrists can accomplish a lot without recommending an eye surgeon. Some of the conditions your eye doctor can treat include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Nearsightedness is when you can’t see objects from a distance, but you can see them up close. Farsightedness is when you can see objects much better from a distance. Astigmatism is noticed if your vision is blurred up close and from a distance. If you are battling an astigmatism you should get lasik surgery Nashville tn.

Routine Eye Exams

During your eye exam you may have to cover your eyes one at a time and read an eye chart. The letters will start off small and then gradually get bigger. Your eye doctor might call out lines at random for you to read, in order to test your vision. When you visit the eye doctor that is the time to bring up any concerns that may not be on the list to discuss. If you’ve noticed changes in your vision during certain activities or overall, this visit is when you should mention it. Be sure to eat well and get lots of rest before you go in for your eye exam. Your eyes may not perform at their best if you are tired or lacking food.

Heading to eye doctor can be a victory in itself. Sometimes we are nervous about finding out if there is an issue with our bodies. The good thing about vision issues is most of them can either be treated or remedied with glasses. There are ways to get your vision to seem clear again. Going to the optometrists can be beneficial because they can prescribe you glasses, treat certain eye conditions, and perform routine eye exams. Don’t forget to be open about any issues with your sight. Conditions left untreated can only get worse.