In our daily life we are facing many problems. All of us today, are suffering from injuries or pains caused due to our imbalance lifestyle or due to our busy schedules for not giving time for our health issues. Today we all are going through a busy schedule and we don’t have much time for doing exercise to keep ourself fit and to reduce our daily pains due to working on computers for long time. So there is need of those people or those therapists who help us to resolve such problems. These problems are very common in our daily life and have lots of effects to our body. In studies conducted by lots of hospitality services shows that 90% injuries in adults are caused due to falls and they suffer through hip fracture and 20% of these died every year. Through ergonomic assessment we know how to sit during our working environment. Lots of people have issues and queries regarding Ergonomic assessment. They don’t know what are the features and benefits of Ergonomic assessment and how should we take the advantages of such therapy. Ergonomic assessment is a science which explains us how to sit or it explains the sitting postures and it solve all the issues related to the problems caused due to long time sitting in front of computers.

Now a days there are lots of occupational therapist who have a complete knowledge of the problems related to old age or physically disabled persons. The occupational therapy is related to help the people in making their daily life easier and safer. The occupational therapy is really good and effective for people who suffers from neck, shoulder and back pains and those who are completely dependent on their family members even for taking them for a walk. Such as those people who can’t walk or paralyzed due to any accident and other problem. The Occupational Therapist teach such kind of people how to stand or sit and they also take care of their daily needs. This kind of help or assistance which is given by these therapists is known as wheelchair assessment. Wheelchair assessment is that type of therapy which helps people to regain their empower and to rebuild their courage with the help of occupational therapy. Occupational Therapist suggests different kind of wheelchair as per requirement of people. Wheelchairs are of two types: electric and manual. The electric wheelchair doesn’t need any help from others. It increases the mobility and reduce the pain as well as it increases the independence and safety of the person. While purchasing a wheelchair we should always consult an ergonomist because he/she has complete knowledge of the requirements needed by the patient and they always take care of their medical conditions.