The intolerance summer will come every year and the heat is an irresistible one. Most of the people tend to keep themselves cool by spending their summer outdoors. It is quite difficult for everyone to afford it. Records show that many people fall ill when exposed to too much heat and sometimes that could be a dangerously fatal one. Heat is the most uncomfortable one and too much of it could bring us only danger. Air Conditioners are the most popular way to cool us from outside heat but it is very costly to afford and the electric bill outcome is much high-priced. Moreover, air conditioners cannot be used outdoors, so they cannot provide you with a complete solution.

We are here to provide you with one complete solution to beat the summer heat off. The solution is misting ceiling fan, which keeps you cool by changing room temperature drastically at the rate of 30°. Misting ceiling fan could be used in outdoors and you do not need to spend too much on electricity bills.

How does the misting ceiling fan work?

Misting ceiling fan work in a similar way to that of a normal fan. The misting ceiling fan consists of a high pressurized water pump ranging at 1000 pounds per square inch and a tiny nozzle to expel the water in the form of mist. The misting ceiling fan circulates expelling water in the form of a mist which circulated in the hot air making it cool. The wet feeling is not found since the fan emits only a minute amount of water and the surrounding things are kept dry. You can only feel the cool air as if in the air conditioner. The misting ceiling fan could circulate mist over the wide area.

Benefits of misting ceiling fan


The misting ceiling fan can be used almost anywhere right from outdoors to indoors. It does not require any enclosed area. It can be used in homes, patios, warehouse, camping, backyards etc.


The misting ceiling fan can be easily affordable comparing any other cooling systems. Moreover, installation and maintaining it is quite easy and not as complicated as other cooling systems.


The misting ceiling fan is very convenient to use and it is user-friendly.  It can be used only as a fan or only as mist or both as fan and mist. The misting ceiling fan can be also used in high humidity areas where it can cool the air up to 15 degrees.

Lower power consumption

The misting ceiling fan draws only less power thereby adding the money into your pocket. Because of the low power consumption, the misting fan is a long lasting one.

Tips for using a misting ceiling fan

  • We should follow the user manual and the guidelines properly.
  • Usage of the mist ceiling fan in the well-ventilated area.
  • Choosing the misting ceiling fan with a convenient water supply.
  • Proper maintenance could increase the life span.
  • Use the proper spray nozzles and regularly check it.
  • Always clean the fan and make it free from dust.
  • Try to replace the water when not in use.
  • Regularly use the appliance.

The only way to feel the chill breeze in summer at an affordable price is only through the misting ceiling fan. Do not struggle in the hot summer any more when you have the best cooling system, the misting ceiling fan.